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How to Setup Linksys Velop Pro 7 ?

In our highly interconnected era, a robust and extensive Wi-Fi network is not just a luxury but a vital requirement. The Linksys Velop Pro 7, a Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 Router, takes the lead in providing outstanding Wi-Fi performance, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity throughout your entire home. This detailed guide thoroughly explains the Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup process, empowering you to unlock the complete potential of your Linksys Velop Pro 7 and turn your home into a Wi-Fi haven.  

 Table of Contents: 

  1.  Overview
  2.  Linksys Velop Pro 7 WPS Method
  3.  Linksys Velop Pro 7 Web-Based Method 
  4.  Linksys Velop Pro 7 Firmware Updates
  5.  Linksys Velop Pro 7 Factory Reset
  6.  FAQ’s

Unboxing and Hardware Overview

Before beginning the setup process, let’s acquaint ourselves with the components comprising the Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup :

  • MBE7003 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 Router:The core of your mesh network, responsible for routing internet traffic and coordinating with other Velop nodes. 
  • Additional Velop Nodes (Optional):Expand Wi-Fi coverage by strategically placing additional Velop nodes throughout your home. 
  • Ethernet Cables:Ensure optimal performance by connecting the MBE7003 router to your modem and linking Velop nodes to each other. 
  • Power Adapters:Power up the MBE7003 router and Velop nodes using the included power adapters. 


Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup: WPS Method 

Utilise the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) method for a swift and straightforward Linksys Velop Pro 7 setup:

  1. Link the MBE7003 router to your modem using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Plug in the power adapters for both the MBE7003 router and any additional Velop nodes.
  3. Press and hold the WPS button on the MBE7003 router for 5 seconds until the LED indicator turns solid blue.
  4. Press the WPS button on your Wi-Fi-enabled devices (e.g., smartphones, laptops, or tablets) within 2 minutes.
  5. The MBE7003 router will establish a connection with your Wi-Fi-enabled devices.  

Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup: Web-Based Method 

For those desiring more control over the Linksys Velop Pro 7 Setup process, the web-based method offers a detailed configuration interface: 

  1. Connect your PC via Wi-Fi or an Ethernet cable to the MBE7003 router. 
  2. Launch a web browser and type into the address bar of the router. 
  3. Enter the standard login information, “admin” for the username and “admin” for the password. 
  4. In the setup wizard, enter the credentials of your internet connection and create a new Wi-Fi network name and password by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Strategically position the MBE7003 router and Velop nodes to maximise Wi-Fi coverage.

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Linksys Velop Pro 7 Firmware Updates

Maintain peak performance and security for your Linksys Velop Pro 7 by ensuring it runs on the latest firmware: 

  1. Log in to the router’s web interface and go to the “Administration” tab.
  2. Choose “Firmware Update” and click “Check for Updates.”
  3. If an update is available, follow on-screen instructions to download and install the firmware.

How do I reset my Linksys Velop Pro 7 to factory defaults?

  1. Find the reset button on the rear of the MBE7003 router or any Velop node.
  2. Hold down the reset button for 5 seconds until the LED indicator rapidly flashes.
  3. Release the reset button and wait for the router to reboot.
  4. The Linksys Velop Pro 7 will reset to its factory defaults.


Q. What is the recommended placement for Velop nodes during setup?

A. Strategically place Velop nodes throughout your home, ensuring even coverage and minimising obstacles for optimal Wi-Fi performance.

Q. Can I use my existing Wi-Fi name and password during setup?

A. Yes, you can retain your current Wi-Fi name and password for seamless integration. However, updating the password is recommended for enhanced security.

Q. How do I perform a factory reset on the Linksys Velop Pro 7?

A. Locate the reset button on the router or any Velop node, hold it for 5 seconds until the LED flashes rapidly, then release it. Wait for the router to reboot; it will be reset to factory defaults.

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