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How to Setup Linksys Velop with Existing Router ?

The Linksys Velop is a mesh Wi-Fi system designed to eliminate dead zones and provide consistent high-speed internet throughout your home. With its modular nodes, Velop creates a mesh network that blankets every corner of your living space, ensuring a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection.Enhancing Your Home Network with Linksys Velop Setup with Existing Router.

The Linksys Velop Advantage

Linksys Velop is not your typical router; it’s a mesh Wi-Fi system designed to eliminate dead zones and provide consistent connectivity throughout your home. Before we dive into the setup process, let’s explore why Velop is worth considering.

  • Mesh Technology: Velop utilises mesh technology, creating a network of nodes that work together to ensure a seamless Wi-Fi experience. This means no more dropped signals or frustrating lag in certain areas of your home.
  • High-Speed Performance: With Velop, you can expect high-speed internet across all devices. Whether you’re streaming, gaming, or simply browsing, the system optimises performance for each connected device.
  • Easy Expansion: Need to expand your Wi-Fi coverage? Velop allows you to add nodes, ensuring that your network grows with your needs.

Tips for Seamless Integration Linksys Velop Setup with Existing Router

Integrating Linksys Velop with your existing router is a strategic move toward a more robust and seamless home network. Follow these straightforward steps to enhance your connectivity

  • Open the Velop kit, admire the design, and power up the nodes.
  • Visit your app store, get the Linksys app, and install it on your device.
  • Open the Linksys app and follow the user-friendly setup wizard.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to link one Velop node to your existing router.
  • Follow the app prompts to configure Velop, creating a new Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Position additional Velop nodes strategically for optimal coverage, as guided by the app.
  • Explore this mode if you want Velop to function as an access point.
  • Regularly check for firmware updates through the Linksys app.
  • Enjoy seamless connectivity.
  • With Velop integrated, relish a network free of dead zones and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity.

Access Point Mode

If you prefer, Velop can also operate as an access point. This is handy if you wish to retain your Velop Setup With Your Existing Router  advanced features while still benefiting from Velop’s mesh network.

Firmware Update

Keeping your Velop system up to date with the latest firmware is crucial for optimal performance and security. Here’s a simple guide on how to perform a firmware update:

  • Open the Linksys app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Look for the settings or configuration option within the app.
  • In the settings menu, find the option for firmware or software updates. Click on it.
  • If a new firmware version is available, the app will prompt you to initiate the update. Confirm your choice.
  • The update process may take a few minutes. Ensure your device remains connected to the internet during this time.
  • After the update is complete, the app may prompt you to restart your Velop system. Follow the instructions.
  • Confirm the update’s success by checking the firmware version in the settings. It should reflect the most recent update.

Regularly checking for and performing firmware updates ensures that your Velop system remains equipped with the latest features, improvements, and security enhancements, providing you with a reliable and optimised home network.

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Linksys Velop Setup With Your Existing router is a simple yet powerful way to elevate your home network. Say goodbye to Wi-Fi dead zones and hello to seamless connectivity across your entire living space. Enjoy the benefits of mesh technology and experience a network that grows with you.


Q: Can Velop work with any router?

A: Absolutely. Velop harmonises with your existing router, turning it into a connectivity powerhouse.

Q: How often should I update Velop’s firmware?

A: Regular updates are key. Check for firmware updates monthly to ensure optimal performance.

Q: Can I use Velop as a standalone router?

A: Yes, Velop can shine as a standalone or enhance your existing setup—your digital choice.

Q: What’s the WPS method, and why should I use it?

A: WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a quick, secure way to connect devices. Velop embraces it for hassle-free setup.

Q: Is the only gateway to Velop?

A: Yes, type this digital code into your browser, and voila, you’re at the Velop doorstep.

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